Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hare Krishna Record Rama

I can't believe I am actually listening to this bullshit. Three million records up for grabs on ebay. Paul something-or-other who owns/owned Record Rama in Pittsburgh was just talking to that annoying little busy-body, Melissa Block. As always you could tell that she thought this was the coolest interview on earth. At age 69, Paul is ready to retire. He admits that he is legally blind and has limited movement due to crippling. What he failed to tell Ms. Block is that he is an unrepentent ASSHOLE. If you didn't know that Tom Hanks went to Paul when he was filming that movie That Thing You Do, you do now. And just ask Paul, he is only too proud to tell you. This blog has discussed a pretentious bitch who, for want of her own eyebrows, penciled two incredible black arches above her beady little heartless eye. She too sold records. She too was too busy for the likes of you.

Anyway, I ramble. Let's get back to Pittsburgh and the visually impaired, personality wanting Paul. Paul was never too shy to gloat about his collection. "I've got it and you don't" was the motto. I went to the counter one day and asked if he had The Monkees Present on vinyl. His reply. "Yeah, I probably do but it's probably gonna run you upwards of $30.00. Do you want me to go look for it?"


Thank You.

Melissa asked him who his ideal bidder would be. He said he would like one investor to purchase the whole thing and then donate the most precious recordings to the Library of Congress. He already contacted the government and they weren't interested. Is that so, Paul? Or is it more to the point that they did not bow to your extortion? "I've got this and you don't." Obviously they did not give a fuck. Why don't you stand up and do the honorable thing and make YOUR OWN donation? I guess there isn't enough profit in that.

You are a greedy son-of-a-bitch who overestimates his own worth. I only fear that some ignorant bidder may, in fact make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. In an ideal world, you would die a lonely old man sitting on a mound of worthless black plastic.


The Chief said...

I, too, know this tool. This is EXACTLY how he is: I've got it, you don't, deal with it! The woman he speaks of is another one - she practices the age-old art of 'bait and switch.' She has prices on her albums for $5-$10 but then when you bring it up, she tells you $20 and that the price was put on a long time ago! Yeah, it was put on a long time ago because no one buys it from you because of your business practices and so you're stuck with it for years on your shelves!

Now, as for the tool in Pittsburgh, I remember visiting him above the Post Office on McKnight Road in the North Hills section of Pittsburgh - He would tell you he wanted $25 for an album and then when you go just down the road to Millvale to see Fred at Attic Records, Fred would find the album for you, look at the condition and ask you - ASK YOU - if $8.00 seems fair. He would ask you if you feel it's fair! Fred tells you - yeah, I have it and if you'd like it - I'd like for you to have it too - and reasonably!

Seriously folks, screw the RecordRama ass and the Rt. 18 bitch and go see Fred at Attic Records in Millvale. He's a great guy with a great collection. Just ask Elgarf - he found Jack Kittel's 45 there!!!

Elgarf said...

That I did, but it was only at your recommendation and directions. I did not know of the place before. The least I could do was bring you that 45.

mr o'malley said...

I heard about this on the radio, and I remember going to the aforementioned record store in the burgh with the author. I thought the store was a dump, and I remember hanging with Mr Ganz around the same time, and he made a comment about the store, except he thought the selection of the cds stunk. I know who the Chief is talking about. The lady is a bitch